chris (drtynumbanglboy) wrote,

so, again

i might have lost the screenplay that i was writing on my computer, because i'm dumb and didn't back it up, although there is still hope that i can recover it. so now, i'm writing on another computer...annnnnd came up with something that i think i should put down online so it won't happen again. i'm fairly certain there's all the copyright stuff for these websites, but i'll just say, don't be an asshole and steal my idea, if you want to contribute etc. that's awesome.

-disenchanted late 20's couple living in san francisco gets married in december for tax break when they file (i've got a great story to use for this part, involving a nigerian toll both attendant and a 4 am wedding), guy gets fired and looks for a new job in vain, after 3-4 weeks turns to petty theft and is arrested, girl uses savings to bail him out. even further in the hole now, they start asking family for help, girls mother suggests babysitting for an old family friend in pacific heights. she works the two jobs, but still barely making ends meet, the idea comes around for the guy to rob the house and make it appear random, they plan it and one night, wearing a ski mask and gloves the guy gets in through a window, has to hit the girl and tie her up, begins to ransack bedroom for valuables when little boy who's being babysat appears in door, panicking, the guy takes off with what he has already, little boy unties the girl while she is freaking out as to whether there were any clues that the boy picked up on, any little gestures of affection between the two, etc. from this point on, chronicle the next few hours from both main characters viewpoints, girl calls police while desperately trying to refine the kids view of things, has to deal with police and telling the family friend of the break-in, guy breaks an ankle jumping from the window he came in, has to figure what to do with the stolen goods, how to get to the hospital (sf general at 5-6 am is a hell of a place to end up), whether to just run with whatever he has, crisis of conscience.-

so that's where i am now, i'm liking the possibilities so far.


ps if you have never heard the dead hensons "rainbown connection" you should do so.
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