chris (drtynumbanglboy) wrote,

hey citrus and liquor i love when you touch each other

there's a girl i coulda loved and another i coulda cursed for never being earnest

all i did today was drink and work a job no one really needs to do. we stopped because 5 streets down on polk and somethin there was a hotel on fire, the engine had its ladder out to get somebody and i had a salami and burnt sourdourgh sandwich, yesterday was similar, there was a woman who came in to tell whoever was smoking on the balcony of her apartment they should stop, because it was illegal and dangerous, i think it was the last thing on her mind, she came in with her mother, who looked delighted the whole time, she looked like she needed to get fucked, her mother looked smug in her daughters lack of being fucked-ness. she must have known.

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