chris (drtynumbanglboy) wrote,

i never consciously thought that such misadventures would make for good stories

the only two times that i've run naked in sprinklers i felt, well, cold afterwards.

oftentimes while driving around at 1 or 2 in the morning in my late teen years i'd see sprinklers on and attempt to mark the spot in my mind in order to perhaps convince people to go run through them some night. probably not naked. i was able to gallivant around late at night because i had told my parents that i was going to be sleeping at my friend will's house. often enough this was true. let me preface with saying that for a brief period i was a hot commodity amongst the girls at my catholic high school. perhaps because i'd just recently (at the end of my junior year) noticed their existence, well more concisely noticed the existence of their shapely legs under plaid skirts, but just as likely was the theory that since one had taken a liking to me, i had received some sort of stamp of approval.

so, on some nights it would be a drive out to riverside to kill time, once i was hanging around a parking garage around midnight, taking pictures from the top floor and a security guard came driving up and grilled me on what i was doing there. since it was fairly obvious i wasn't out to vandalize, we started talking for a bit and he revealed that he was a photographer too, we talked shop for a few minutes and he gave me a few rolls of film as i left. it was an interesting way to have ended an encounter i was sure would land me a hefty fine. after a few hours of aimless wandering and coffee drinking i'd then get a text telling me that it was safe to drive over and park around the corner from maria's house and creep up the steps and quietly knock on the door. usually she would open it quickly and we'd pad through her dark dark blue living room on the way to her room. i don't know if i would have the devil may car attitude i had then, she had an older brother who was a marine and i was actually not her boyfriend, no he was away at college.

that tended to complicate things, so when she said we had to cool things down, i wasn't surprised. but the stamp on my forehead must have still shown, another girl soon sent me a note through an intermediary, it simply had a meticulous drawing of a penguin on it and a few lines telling me that the penguins name was sprinkles. a good two hours of new years eve 1999 was spent at this girls house, watching episodes of "queer as folk" and wondering if i should kiss her at some convenient break between them. i left to drive to a friends party at around 11:30 pm and so celebrated the first few moments of 2000 driving on the 215 freeway past march air force base. it was astonishing really, there wasn't a car on the freeway for as far ahead or behind me as i could see.

later on it was back to maria and that was when the first naked sprinkler run happened. we had gone out on a date and i had driven out to a housing tract that had not been completed yet and we parked and walked along a perimeter road for a ways. it was completely deserted, most of the houses were mere skeletons still, so we took the beatles suggestion and did it in the road. we got back and, being teenagers, weren't satisfied yet, so i put on music and we fooled around in the car. when we had finished and we were both completely naked and panting, the sprinklers came on. i quickly opened the door and slid head first through the grass, already soaked with nighttime dew, she put her panties and a shirt on and stood leaning against my green honda civic, arms crossed, giggling at the sight.

i found grass in my car for weeks afterwards, and would just laugh and laugh.
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