chris (drtynumbanglboy) wrote,

head injury concerns (loss of language being paramount amongst my fears)

i'm afraid to leave her warm exceptions
she has vertiginous walls and truculent speeches
laying bare my overcritical eye and hypersensitive tongue
valence shells of prefixes and suffixes
compound the problems of bi-lingual hopefuls
and banish my dreams to library bookshelves
marked Pynchon and Kerouac and Hemingway

i'm afraid to desert her indecent bastardization
she has illiterate demagogues and willful pariahs
manipulated by my insensitive pen and marker
to reach a sort of linguistic catatonia where
self flagellation means spouting beautiful poetry
to unhearing masses and screaming like a porn star
"i'm cummins

i'm afraid because i'll be the one you'll
laugh at when i ask what Lorca is
talking about or what all those deliberately
elongated beautifully prismatic words that
Marquez strung together possibly have to do
with that simple girl erendira
i'm afraid to learn another language because
my english has gotten just haughty enough
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