chris (drtynumbanglboy) wrote,

scene description

scene from aforementioned film outline where boyfriend character has to flee scene of (coordinated) robbery, show interspersed POV cuts of the character jumping over a fence and rolling an ankle, he collapses in pain and clearly cannot put weight on the foot and therefore, his original mode of escape, motorcycle, is out. he finds a dumpster in front of a large house that is being renovated and hides the bag containing stolen jewelry under a mass of discarded trash. he flags down a cab and gets in, the cabbie flies down dimly lit one way street towards the fog in the north, asking the character where to and being vaguely solicitous of what is a clearly injured leg, he fails to notice a car joining traffic while he accelerates through green lights, character begins to shout a warning and they glance off the much slower car, careening to the left across the two lanes of empty street, the cabbie is good and recovers fairly quickly, steering away from the oncoming curb on the left, but the backend skids and the tire strikes the curb, popping the left rear and making the car fishtail perpendicular to the lane and flip twice, character and driver have their belts on and they sustain mostly minor injuries, ambulance arrives and takes the two to general, show this scene and scenes of the characters bus ride early in the morning to where he had hid it, shot in a much more deliberately shot, calming, narcotic sort of haze, the character has been released from the hospital with his a face full of small cuts from the glass, his ankle wrapped, a few stitches closing a two inch long cut down his left cheek and a headfull of decent painkillers and is appreciating the escape they allow him, the bus he takes is not busy and he arrives at the street after a few minutes and retrieves the bag, not bothering to take a bus now, he flags down a cab, gets home and collapses in bed. (music i was picturing for this scene was brian eno "an ending (ascent)")
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