chris (drtynumbanglboy) wrote,

love heals like a broken rib

i had this dream when i was just getting towards puberty about what and how love would find me. of course i had the idea that it would happen in the next fifteen minutes, especially when i was staying at my nana's house in el toro, which is kind of like a beach town but twenty minutes away from the beach.

-it would be a girl next door scenario, the grass would be a mat of spiky uniform crab grass. there would be an alley between our houses that would lead five or six blocks to the beach. we would skateboard there and spend summer days going miles up or down the beach. i never knew what she would look like, it was less about that and more about the scenario, one that i realize must have happened, must have been transmitted to me somehow. there would be some dramatics, something teenage. there'd be the first time, still with sweat and sand from the beach, awkward and the raising of goosebumps at the touch of a cold post-coital wind. the thing that i most remember, and seems the most silly is the two of us riding longboards and jumping onto each others at exactly the right time, looking at her and smiling.-
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